Top 10 free keywords research of 2023

Top 10 free tools for keywords research of 2023, if you have a website and you think about keywords research, so you can use these 10 free-of-cost tools for your keyword research in 2023. Details are one by one below.

why do you need free keyword research tools?

If you’re running a business or website, you need to be able to target your customers with targeted keywords. Keyword research is the process of finding the right keywords to target for your business or website.

The best way to do keyword research is to use a free keyword research tool. There are a lot of free keyword research tools available, but not all of them are created equal. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the 10 best free keyword research tools of 2023. 

List of top 10 free keywords tools of 2023

1. Google trends

Google trend is one of the best keywords research tool so we can use this is free of cost, so I suggest you Google trends. if you have in your mind any keywords you go through the Google trends and search about that keywords and you find a lot of information on Google trends.

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  • It visualizes the number of year data.
  • The popularity of keywords among years.
  • Related keywords research options.
  • Also, we get traffic details of any keywords.

2. Google search console

This one of the most used software for seeing organic search results, backlink queries, and keywords word reach. From your site to Google. For example, take a look at the Search results report from our account. It shows the keywords that have sent the most traffic to the Ahrefs Blog over the past three months.

  • You can see already Rank keywords.
  • Organic search results.
  • Reach of site. 
  • Related keywords.

3. Questiondb

Questiondb is a free tool for questions. Means what people ask for it have lots of data from Reddit. You can also use it for questions and in your blog.

  • It is a question bank.
  • Get questions and do answer in your blogs.

4: Bulk keywords generator

Bulk keyword generator is one of the popular keywords research tools for free. It generates bulk keywords according to your research which you can use to write SEO Friendly blog.

  • get relevant keywords
  • get bulk data of keywords.

5. Keyworddit

keyworddit is the best free tools to get unique ideas and keywords from Reddit. the best tool if you have not unique niche so I suggest you. use these tools to get organic traffic.

  • relevant keywords.
  • get lot of keywords ideas.

6. Keyword surfer

it also one best for English keywords research. it available free to use on google chrome extension that shows estimated data global and monthly Search volumes for any query typed into google. you get a lot of data from English Countries like America, Canada, and more.

  • direct data on google search.
  • best for those who want to get traffic from us and around. 

7. Answer the public

Answer the public is one of the best free keywords tools for question and answer. where you get lots of Questions from people who seek information regarding any topic and any issue. you can write a blog on these topics and get the most organic traffic from search engines.

  • get questions like how to, who, which, and more.
  • get Relevant keywords.

8. Google Question-hub

Google Question-hub is the most popular tools in the blogger community here you get lots of questions from people who seek For Information. take advantage of this and get to write a blog on a particular topic available on the question hub.

  • the best tool ever for question 
  • provider related search on the topic. 

9. Keyword sheeter

keyword sheeter is directly pulled result from google search engine. also suggestion you related keywords if you want to Generate fast data for your site or blog content this much help us.

  • 100 and more related search keywords.
  • get Quality keywords. 

10. MOZ keywords explorer

Moz is free keywords explorer tools for any keywords you looking but It has limited free Uses. it’s also available pro service where you have to pay. still if not want to buy pro so you use it for free it also to effective service compare to others. where you get the best keywords with volume, Country, and related keywords.

  • get the volume of keywords
  • related keywords
  • and more authentic results.

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