30 Things To Do With Your Finances Before Turning 30

 Hey’s In this blog you will learn 30 step to independent your life before you turning 30. The Way to start investing in various sectors in stock market, real estate and property also more you learn in this article “30 Things To Do With Your Finances Before Turning 30” 

30 ways to transform your financial goal.

1. Make Yourself Debt Free.

2. Build an Emergency Fund with 1 year of expenses. 

3. Set Aside Money for Big Purchases. 

4. Try to build a side hustle.

5. Have atleast 3 sources of income.

6. Invest in yourself and become the best version of YOU. 

7. Be self reliant- Move out of your parents house and manage your finances yourself.

8. Build a habit of budgeting.

9. Hold back on those impulse purchases.

10. Learn how your taxes work.

11. Analyse your risk appetite periodically.

12. Measure how much return your investments are giving you.

13. Be ready for lifestyle inflation as your family expands.

14. Learn how to invest in real estate.

15. Draft your will G B.

16. Increase your savings rate and try to save and invest atleast 50% of your monthly income.

17. Have all your insurances in order- Term, Life, Health.. 

18. Decide which city you’ll be living in and budget accordingly.

19. Always have liquidity and have some money parked in liquid assets. How to invest in stock market with fundamentals 

20. Calculate your net worth and know where you stand.

21. Think seriously about financial freedom, you don’t want to keep trading your time for money.

22. Become a minimalist consumer.

23. Build a habit of donating, give back to the society. 

24. Start planning for retirement.

25. Start reading more.

26. Have a strong grip on your asset allocation.

27. Start using credit cards to get rewards but never fall in credit card debt, always pay on time. 

28. Consider rebalancing your portfolio.

29. Build a dividend income.

30. Stay Calma, Keep invest. Crypto currency’s invest ideas 

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