How to make money online in India {top 7 authentic ways }

if you are thinking about How to make money online in India {top 7 authentic ways} where we discuss freelancing, stock trading, youtube, and more about money making way. we are serious for you to keep reading full articles.

How to make money online in India for students?

if you are a student or thinking to start making money online you don’t have knowledge about it so we will fully elaborate on this topic for you. so you can start making money online looks easy for you.

How can you make money online in 2023

There are lots of things available to earn online. Like photo editing jobs, video editing, website design, and uploading videos on YouTube. You can also do unique professional work in the specified category. May you have heard about,, so on? It platforms where you can Earn money to complete assigned work.

Top 10 authentic ways to help you to make money online

Here we will share the best platform where you can earn money online. Making more money could likely solve a lot of your problems. We are lucky, in the age of the Internet, to make extra money.

Here Top 10 authentic ways that will help you to overcome how to make money online:

1. Become a freelancer

If you have a unique talent, chances are, you can sell your skill online. Whether you are a graphic designer, website designer, photographer, writer, or any other specific talent in a specific area., there’s a freelance job are waiting for you.

become a freelancer to help you make money online

Freelance graphic designer

It’s easier than ever to become a freelance graphic designer. You have specified knowledge of design or not? Just you have good knowledge in color to make attraction graphic.

Where you get a job from a company or registered as freelancer on,

Freelance teach online

If you like to teach and have some free time, you start your freelance class online to do some earning. Ex- teach English, any other local language, or some math. You have been specified about the subject and try to understand your student in your own way.

‘Where’ you can earn money $100 per month extra. also, o from some platforms you can make videos and upload them on Youtube earn through advertisements or tell them to subscribe and be a permanent member of their channel where you get some money.

Do some jobs as a freelance

If you are a good programmer, or marketer then you can earn money. Find your skill and prepare best for those skills.

Goto this link to the page where you can also apply for these jobs

Search the jobs as you are a talent

You can search you are required jobs on freelance sites on or

2. Learn Stock market and Start Trading

You don’t need any money to start work but you would need some amount to start your career as a stock market Expert. make good money from it.

Learn the stock market and start trading

You can earn money by doing stock trading If you know how to pick the right stock at right time. Just make Demat & trading account to start trading.

Open a free Demat account

The Demat account helps you to buy and sell stocks. which one is needed first before you start your stock market journey?

There are lots of brokers in the market some broker charge high rates but I suggest a discount broker is the best broker, For starting a journey in the Stock market.

3. Earn Extra money online from YouTube

May you have known that people are making millions from Youtube. But not easy to succeed here because of lots of competition, If you have a unique talent in any type of video that may be funny, motivation, some learning video about education, Technology, or Any in specified knowledge.

Earn extra money online from youtube

Also, you have knowledge about editing, thumbnail design, title SEO and description, and more.

4. Earn extra money by blogging

Your blogging journey begins with an idea. As my Idea for a blog should be an informative and understanding type that helps to easily understand for any people.

Start blogging on WordPress

This is an early make-or-break decision for your blog – if it’s not entirely unique, but have to give time to blog it helps more, variety in one blog. Your idea must at least be sharper and more compelling than your competitors.

You should know your blog’s niche cold – ideally from personal experience or formal training – and have no trouble writing fluently about it.

Over time, you’ll tighten up your writing process and produce great content in less time, probably with help from these speed blogging tips. You can learn about blogs and SEO for blogs in this blog.

The first step for starting a blog

Choosing and buying a Domain, Hosting and you need to design the website interface or how it looks and planning for your own content. While this is a lot of work to put in before publishing your first post, resist the temptation to cut corners. How to start a blog website?

How to Design a beautiful website?

You’re laying the foundation, hopefully, for a long-term endeavor. Once you’ve created a quality site and built a following, then you will be able to reach the path of earning there are lots of ways to make money from your blog. Get information about.

How to Make SEO friendly website.

You have already bought a domain and hosting, your next step should be to learn about SEO-friendly post- and how you can write the best post to rank on the google search engine. ‘Where’ you want to learn about google search engine, how your post index or not check. This post.

5. Earn Extra money through Affiliate Marketing

If you’d like to create some passive income from your blog, one of the best choices is Affiliate marketing – I’m recommending this service for Extra sources from its digital products, and physical products of other companies in exchange for a commission. “Where you get a commission of sale on any purchase from the provided link.

Earn by affiliate marketing

Here Example of a Smart Blogger, He makes more than $100,000 per year promoting affiliate products on, his website most of that coming from casually recommending products we love.

6. Earn from writing a post.

Earn from posts Similar to sponsored posts, you can also make money by writing paid reviews on your site. This is a slightly different monetization method than a review site with affiliate links, as mentioned above.

Instead, you get to try out products related to your niche for free, and even get paid for writing a review.

The process for doing this can be similar to getting sponsored posts. You’ll want to review products that are relevant to your niche, and that your audience would be interested in.

7. Sell E-books on your website online

Ebooks are an obvious choice for creating digital products. They are relatively simple to write and produce. If you’ve been blogging for a while, then you can collect some of your old blog posts and turn them into chapters of a book, and also make PDF files where you sell your ideas through E-books.

Earn by selling e-books online
Earn by selling e-books online

Once your book is written, you can design a cover using a tool like Canva and create a PDF of your e-book. Selling digital products on WordPress is easy with a plugin. To get started, you can see our guide on the best WordPress e-commerce plugins compared.

For digital downloads, we recommend Easy Digital Downloads. It’s relatively easy to use and includes all the features you need to create your online store.

You can approach companies on your own to ask about doing paid reviews. There are also websites like PayPerPost that can help to connect you with businesses that may be interested.

8. Selling Courses Online

Selling course online
Selling course online

‘If’ you have an interest in teaching others and have a passion for teaching online. Many platforms like YouTube, Instagram TV, Facebook, and Udemy, many others platform available online. sell on Udemy

Selling an online course is another great way to make money online.

Courses usually sell for a much higher price point than e-books. You can charge a premium for your expertise.

9. Earn extra money by Selling on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for artists and art lovers also logo designers found on Instagram. That’s great news for beginning creatives because you don’t need to climb the social ladder and wait for big-name critics to call the shots. Instead, you can connect with buyers across the globe willing to pay for your work.

Selling art and design on Instagram
Selling art and design on Instagram

The product sells on Instagram

Here’ you need some knowledge of E-commerce to start online selling on Instagram. This is one of the leading platforms for earning with monetizing your content on its. Where you get money from advertisements and also from paid or sponsored posts or reels.

You’ll need to create the lessons for your course, plus any supporting materials that you want to include such as downloads, slides, checklists, templates, etc.

You will also need to decide whether you want to offer personalized support for your course. Some sites offer two tiers of each course: a basic version without support, and a premium version with email support.

10. Earn by the paid survey on Swagbucks or other

Earn by paid survey
Earn by paid survey

You can earn money from a survey conducted by any company, ‘Where’ you get some Money when you write your opinion on any provided topic on the survey. And another way to earn extra income. is goto

Motivated earners can make $100 or more in a month using Swagbucks. That’s because Swagbucks is one of the best online survey sites out there, offering the most opportunities to make money online.

In addition to all the survey opportunities, there are other great sites used to earn free Amazon gift cards and many other rewards.

can a beginner make money from stocks?

yes, but he/she know about stocks and way of buying and more about how the stock market work.

can you make money through freelancing?

yes, you can make lots of money from freelancing, but you need relevant knowledge in a specific field so it helps you make money.

How to make money online in India?

there are lots of ways nowadays to make money online like starting a stock trading, freelancing, youtube creator, selling courses, affiliate marketing so on.

We think this blog post may help lots related to How to make money online in India {top 7 authentic ways }. so keep share with your friends it may help them. thank you

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