How to Start a Blog on Your Phone with an iPhone

can I start blogging with my phone

Yes, you can start your blogging journey using your mobile phone. It will help you to make money online.

If you are passionate about blogging, then you go through this quiz “can I start blogging with my phone” Yes, it is possible to Start a Blog on Your Phone with an iPhone.

Hi there. This article will discuss how you can start blogging with your mobile phone. From start to end, successful blogging journey with mobile.

Why Start a Blog on Your Phone?

Nowadays, every person has a mobile phone, so if you think about money. Can I start blogging using a mobile phone? So there are many ways to start blogging, but this post only discusses the best way to help make money online using our phones.

The first step to starting a blog on your phone is to create a website. There are plenty of free options available online, including creating the website through WordPress or Blogger and hosting it on or, as well as single-site themes like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly.

How to Start a Blog on Your Phone with an iPhone

To start with an iPhone blog, you’ll need to start with a website (which might already be hosted). Once that’s done, start adding posts – which can be done in any app that uses the iPhone’s text input system for blogging.

How to Start a Blog on Your Phone
How to Start a Blog on Your Phone

Are you thinking about starting a blog but need help figuring out where to start? is here to help you get started! Starting a blog can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With guidance, you can have your Blog up and running in no time.

Choose your niche

Choose a niche according to your preferences where you have to be interested in writing quality blog articles that can help you engage with readers.

Research your niche according to your preference

So you have to research which article you will deliver to your readers. Here are the best niches to start a blog website.

  • Sports
  •  Relationship
  •  Tech in PC, mac, and any specialized.
  •  Travelling
  •  Creative ideas for design
  •  Storytelling

Buy a domain for a blogging website.

A web domain is a domain name that instructs computers to connect to a website. You can use this information to search for the best websites to create your own.

So you have to buy a domain identity for your Blog, there are many ways to buy a domain, but I always suggest the best where you can get a man. Wait, we have an offer here.

Buy hosting for a blogging website.

Buying hosting for a blog may seem like a simple task, and, indeed, it is not difficult to do – especially if they are paying for the hosting.

Buy hosting from hostinger

However, the best thing about buying hosting is that you can save money to avoid purchasing an expensive hosting plan. If your Blog is used for personal or business purposes, choosing a cheaper and more reliable host may save your business or portfolio in the long run.

How to write your first post in your blog website

Writing on blogs has never been easier than with a blog on your phone. You can use one of these blogging apps to create and publish your first post in the shortest time span possible.

When you are looking for an easy way to start blogging, a blog app for iPhone makes this process very simple. Just choose the topics that interest you then write about it. Although it is easy, it still needs a bit of practice before you become confident about writing on it regularly.

Whether you’re starting a blog as part of your business or personal brand, or just want to share advice and thoughts with your friends, now is the perfect time to get started.

this blog post help you lots to write high quality content in your first articles.

how to do SEO in Blog on Your Phone with an iPhone

Blogging on your phone is the most popular way to do SEO in today’s blogging world. It’s a simple, effective and cost-effective way to get noticed by an audience.

It all starts with buying hosting or getting set up with a blog site in your phone. You need to have some sort of app that can help you with SEO, so make sure you have one before you start out!

How to set up a blog website in the WordPress app

WordPress is a free, open-source content management platform that allows users to create, edit, and publish websites. WordPress was initially meant for bloggers, and now it is used by businesses of all sizes.

How to set up a blog website in the WordPress app
How to set up a blog website in the WordPress app

To install the app and set up your Blog, go to the App Store on your device and search for “WordPress app”. Once you have downloaded the app, sign in with your email address. Then go to Settings ->General ->Publish.

When you select Blog, you can choose whether to publish as an individual or create a blog as a business entity. You will then be walked through step by step how to set up your Blog on your phone.

The new WordPress app for the iPhone makes it possible to blog from anywhere at a moment’s notice.

  • 1. First, download the WordPress app from the App Store and sign in with your account.
  • 2. On the home screen, tap “Blogs” and “Add New.”
  • 3. You’ll now be given three options: “Blog,” “About,” and “Post.” For this tutorial, we’ll choose “Post.”
  • 4. In the input field that appears, type some keywords about your blog topic. This is what will make it easier for people to find your Blog in search engines later on if they don’t know where it currently resides on their phone or iPhone browser search engine results page
  • 5. Tap on the blue arrow symbol to continue. Now it’s time to fill out an article title, article content, social media handles, images and other relevant information

can i start blogging with my iPhone

However, with recent improvements in mobile technology, new tools allow you to blog on your phone as well!. just you need iPhone, android phone that’s all.

best blogging apps for iphone

three most popular iphone blogging app and their unique features. WordPress,, webly by square.
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