Is a Truecaller Chinese app? which country owned Truecaller?

Hi’ in this blog you’ll be able to know about App. we will be clear all doubt related to it. Is a Truecaller Chinese app? which country owned Truecaller? what do you think about it? it is download over 500 million and 4.4 ratings.

13 million reviews on google play store. and 100m and 4.5 ratings, 195.4K reviews on the apple app store. As of 4 February 2020, it crossed 200 million monthly user-base globally, of which 150 million were from India.

Features of Truecaller.

Is a Truecaller Chinese app? which country owned Truecaller?

Truecaller app details

Truecaller is a Smartphone application that has features of caller-identification, call-blocking, flash-messaging, call-recording (on Android up to version 12). Chat & Voice by using the internet.

the app is requires users to provide a standard cellular mobile number for registering with the service.

Who developed Truecaller app.

Truecaller is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB. a privately held company in Stockholm, Sweden.

Founder of truecaller app

which was founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in 2009.

In the first lunch it only available on Symbian and Microsoft windows mobile.

And after app rollout on google android and apple app store.

Is a Truecaller Chinese app?

According to the app developed by True Software Scandinavia. Is a Truecaller Chinese app? which country owned Truecaller? Now a days on social media trending it Chinese app.

But this is not a Chinese app. so I hope your all doubt related to app cleared. what Chinese app effect your privacy.

Truecaller security and privacy 

In 2013 Truecaller is hacked by some hacker and they servers were allegedly hacked into by the The group claimed.

On its Twitter handle to have recovered 459 GBs of database. 

primarily due to an older version of WordPress installed on the servers. So it easily that not have prefect security measures. 

Truecaller issued a statement on its blog stating that their website was indeed hacked, but claiming that the attack did not disclose any passwords or credit card info. 

Because it 2020 now the company upgrade their server with cloud storage. so we feel free to use app for our privacy.

23 November 2019 Indian-based Security research  Ehraz Ahmed.

He made Discovered a security flaw that exposed user data as well as system and location information. After Truecaller confirmed this information and the bug was immediately fixed.

Truecaller Exposing Data Publicly By Leveraging Weak Data Privacy Laws

In its statement, the Stockholm-based company said that it has stringent security and governance measures in place. The company said that it is “building great things that continue to have a positive impact on millions of people.” To clarify an excerpt from the article, where the journalist said that Truecaller also tells people if the number is used for WhatsApp or not, the company said that this is an Android API (Application Programming Index) that exists for user convenience.

On allegations that the state of privacy protection is minimal, TrueCaller said that it has a “robuse privacy policy that protects user rights.” “Truecaller is subject to over 150 data regulation regimes and we are always committed to comply with local regulations.

We also allow users the power to control their data, how it is being displayed and for anyone to delist data, even in markets where this is not required by law, because we think it is the right thing to do. We are further committed to privacy by design principles, limiting data collection and usage to what is relevant for our services.”

In its point-to-point response to the report in The Caravan, Truecaller also denied that people’s phone number with their professional identity is there for the whole world to see.

The company said this is not true because one cannot input a name into Truecaller and get a number. “You can only input a number and get a likely name associated with that number. This could be a spammer, scammer, harasser or someone that you do want to receive calls from,” the company said.

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