Is Snack video a Chinese app? who is the owner of Snack video?

Snack video app is a short video application that is an alternative to TikTok Is Snack video a Chinese app? who is the owner of Snack video? an android and ios application that looks like TikTok which can make 11 sec and 57-sec videos. It has not been released even 1 year but download 1 crore Is more than.

This app is growing very fast in India, but everyone is trying to know about this app. 

which country this app belongs to. people starting searching on the Internet but still cannot find the right information. 

But today in this article you will be told with proof that your doubt will be clear, the snack video app itself will tell you where the application is, but the way India has walked on the path of self-reliance and the Chinese application has been boycotted. 

Given the big companies are showing that this is an Indian app, but after reading this article,

You will understand that snack video app belongs to which country, snack video app owner name.

Who are founder and owns snack video app?

Snack video app is a social media app where you found short video, people shared videos and they get views so on they get popular on that social media and the popularity make their famous and they get more views.

March 2011

Founder Su Hua Cheng

YixiaoHeadquartersBeijing ,

ChinaKey peopleSu Hua (CEO

Founder of snack video app

After the Indian government bans much Chinese app the new app lunch in the market that name is snack video. 

according to Kuaishou ( Chinese: 快手 ‘quick hand’) is a Chinese video app or mobile app developed by Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd.

With a particularly strong user base among users outside of China’s tier city  Outside mainland China.

It has also gained considerable popularity in other markets, 

Topping the google play store and apple app store’s “Most Downloaded” lists in eight countries.

In India, this app official is known as Snack Video. but It is often referred to as “Kwai” in overseas markets. Its main competitor is Douyin, which is known as TikTok outside of China.

if you want to learn more go to this link,Cheng%20Yixiao%20(%E7%A8%8B%E4%B8%80%E7%AC%91).

Ever since TikTok has been banned in India, people have started looking for alternative apps.

The parent company of Snack Video is Kuaishou Technology, which is a Chinese software company

Kuaishou is a users short video-sharing mobile app, a social network, and video special effects editor, based in Haidian District, developed in 2011 by Beijing Kuaishou Technology, by engineer Hua Su and Cheng Yixiao.

The Indian government means that apps that look like TikTok.

And run in the same way have started searching on Google’s play store and app on ios.

That kind of apps was not found in the same way, a big app developer from India is trying very hard to make apps like TikTok.

As recently Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra did a tweet about the chingari apps. about the short videos app.

While writing this tweet, I said that I have not installed any short video application.

But I will definitely run the chingari app and requested the people of India to download

These apps as well, after the ban of Tiktok, roposo, mitron, mojo, apps like mxtakatak are rocking. 

In the Indian short video market.

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