how to do keyword research- tips to use

if you are thinking that after doing keyword research, you will use keywords tips for SEO in the title, meta, and URL of the post and also how to create a backlink, then our post will be ranked on the first page in Google’s search results.  Tips for 2023 to keyword research for SEO step by step.

 So you need to update yourself because from 2022 onwards Google has started updating a lot in its algorithm and some have already applied and some will apply in early 2023.

Guys, Google has made many updates in its algorithm in order to make better query results visible to the user in its search results, for any new bloggers and those who have just started blogging or who are thinking of creating a blog.  It is very important for them to know.

 Apart from this, it is also very important for old bloggers to know about these new updates of Google because Google is the biggest traffic source of almost most bloggers.

 Guys, in today’s special post, we will tell you through 5 points what things you have to do in your blog and post so that your blog can be ranked in Google’s SERP.

how to do keyword research for SEO

 Guys, whatever points are being told to you, to apply them well on your blog, first you have to understand the post well, then you can improve your blog ranking and you will not have any problem in this

 1.  Focus on User + Search Intent

 Friends, according to the new update of Google, now you have to write the answer in an easy way according to the user’s question, leaving the habit of writing long by dragging or dragging the post more than filling the keywords on the post.

 Meaning that Google now wants that the post which will understand the intent of the user’s question and answer it in better detail and it will be easier to read, the same post will now be ranked on the top page of Google.

 So now you have to pay attention while writing the post that what the user wants to know and how can I answer it in the best way through my post and how can I make my post easy to read.

2.  Complete Mobile first indexing

 Friends, although Google has already been saying that it is very important for every website or blog to be responsive.  But in 2021, new updates of Google will be applicable that now there will be separate indexing for mobile, that means indexing of desktop in a different way.

 If so, Google will crawl and then index web pages differently for mobile.

 This means that if your post is in the top of Google search in desktop device then it is not necessary that it will be same in mobile device also.  So for this you have to see that your blog or website is well displayed to the user in the mobile device as well.

 Nothing should be hidden or any button should not stick together, which may create confusion for the user and it is very important now to adjust the font size and everything else according to the element mobile screen.

3.  Page Experience

 Friends, Page Experience is the biggest update in the most important update of Google in 2021, some points have been found in it.  Let’s get to know them –

 1 – First of all, the loading time of your blog or website is very important now, suppose there are 4 posts on a query which have written quality articles and also created backlinks, they are almost the same.  But in such a situation, Google will rank that post on GK blog.

 Loading will be fast, so try to keep your blog fast.

 2 – Secondly, it is necessary for every website or blog to be https, so if you have not taken ssl certificate, then take it quickly and add it to the blog.

 3 – Third is you now have to use schema data on your blog or website because it helps Google Search Console to understand the content of your blog and in better crawling so schema data will also be a big ranking factor in 2023.

4- Friends, now you have to use images and videos wherever necessary in your post.  Blogs that use images and videos along with content in their posts get help in top ranking.

 5 – And friends, now in 2023, you not only have to do good keyword research but also understand its intent that after all, you have to prepare your post according to what the user wants to ask.

 6 – Friends, in 2021, on whatever topic you are writing a post, try to write it in detail so that the user understands it well and he gets the complete detail, related to the topic.

 But keep in mind that you do not have to write long by dragging the short para, but cover every aspect of the topic.

4. Technical SEO

 Friends, many bloggers only do keyword research and then use that keyword in the post and then start making backlinks and they think that I have written the post according to SEO, but in 2023 SEO means a lot more.  In which Technical SEO is a very important part.

 Your blog is first submitted well in google search console, then you have to see that your blog performs well in it.  Apart from this, your blog should be linked on all social media and the design of your blog should be made according to the user.

 5.  Quality Content

 In the end friends, I will give you this tip writing for the user is necessary in 2023 because Google itself also wants that it can show better results to all the users coming on its platform.

 And try to explain the topic of your post in every format i.e. image, video, and audio because now apart from text, Google also shows them and considers them in ranking.

 Apart from this, you also have to take great care in creating backlinks that first of all take backlinks from the related blog of your blog topic.

 And do not try to spam too many comments or create backlinks from the wrong sites at all, Google can also give you a penalty so that your blog rank will never be indexed on Google.

What is SEO and how to use it on your blog website step by step


When you apply all things that you read above. It will help you to rank on google 2023. This is the best blog post for blogger SEO using keyword research to get the best ranking on the google search engine.

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